Peter’s Facesitting Story

…Linda said “why don’t you sit on him too?” to Carol, who then sat astride my stomach. With the two of them on me I was well and truly pinned. Linda slowly edged further up my chest until she was astride my throat, just an inch or two from my chin, her skirt had ridden up and I could see her black cotton panties looming up very close. “What would you do if I got off your chest?” she said, I had an inkling that she meant that she would sit on my face, but kind of assumed that she meant get off me completely – “I’d get up and go” I said, with that she moved forward so her panties were up against my chin “I’m off your chest now”, she looked down at me giggling, Carol moved forward up onto my chest just behind Linda and looked over Linda’s shoulder down into my face. “What would you do if I got off your neck now”, Linda asked again, “you wouldn’t” I said, knowing now that she meant that she’d sit on my face. With that she moved forward again and sat with her black panties over my mouth and my nose pushed into the soft cotton at the front. I struggled but was powerless to do anything with these two firmly pinning me down, I could smell her girly aroma and was absolutely helpless! After a while I gave up struggling as I was exhausted and new it was futile. “Ahhh, look at him under there, are you comfortable down there, do you like smelling my knickers…” they teased me relentlessly. “Would you like a go?” Linda asked Carol, “Yes” came the reply, “okay, I’ll move up and you move up, then I’ll get off him and come around and sit on his belly”. With military precision they executed this task despite my struggles. I now had Carol sitting high up on my chest, with my arms pinned to my sides by Linda who was sitting astride my belly. “Ahhh, you poor thing” said Carol as she shuffled further up my chest, revealing her white cotton panties which came to rest against my chin. “Want me to get off your neck do you?” she said, I nodded with some difficulty, “okay, how about this” she said as she moved forward to bury my face in her panties with just my eyes free to look up at her. Linda moved up astride my chest so she could look around Carol and down into my eyes. They laughed, tickled me, teased me relentlessly. Carol was a little heavier than Linda and my face was really buried under her white panties, which like Lindas emanated a girly aroma and were slightly damp. The girls continued with this treatment, occasionally swapping positions, for about two hours. They knew… – Peter’s Facesitting Stories (Female Boss Erotica)

Amazing women like facesitting – Szingy Erotica

Martha – I love face sitting

I know there is somthing wrong with me but I can’t help myself. I have this constant burning desire to subdue weak men and sit on them. I’ll take advantage of any opportunity to wrestle a skinny guy and pin him flat on his back under my big firm ass. I don’t know where to go for help, and even if I did I’d be too embaressed to ask for it. I am just a freak of nature. A big strong mature woman that has to pin men and sit on them in order to achieve satisfaction. Why me? My husband Tom is a wonderful man bless his soul. He’d do anything to keep me happy. I’m sure the long business trips he often takes are not only what help him support me in posh style,but also a chance for him to recover from my voracious sexual appetite that includes lots of erotic wrestling and my complete and forceful physical domination of his skinny body. He knows I have an insatiable urge to physically conquer and sit on men and has no choice but to allow me to beat up other men too. Especially if he’s away for 2 weeks. I can’t even go 2 days without satisfying my desires. He begrudgingly agreed to keeping his eyes closed to my exploits. Of course he dosen’t really have much choice, and I had to step on his throat to get him to agree to it, but he lives with it. Yesterday I went to the bank and while waiting in line to make a transaction, right in front of me, was a young man whose appearance made my knees get weak. His body was perfect for what I loved using a man for. A handsome face, high cheekbones, pretty eyes, and a nose that made me wet just thinking about sitting on it. It was long and pointed, the type I could mash into my butthole and wiggle my ass onto until it pushed deep inside my asshole. He was about 5′ 8″ but real thin. His uppr body looked very weak, a puny chest and skinny arms. I imagined my big bare foot pressing down across his entire bare chest as I stood over him glaring down into his eyes while posing in complete triumph. I followed him out of the bank and quickly got to my car so I could follow him more. If I could somehow get this wimp alone I was going to make him my bitch for a day. My mind began to race and my crotch was getting moist as I thought about putting his skinny body through camel clutches, boston crabs, forward and reverse head scissors, breast smothers,tight headlocks with his face pressed into my tit. I”d put him in long high tight schoolgirl pins that squashed his throat with my wet crotch,and squeezed his face til his eyes bulged between my big thighs.I’d work this boy over until he was just a lump of beaten flesh laying face up and flat on his back. I’ll stand over him and plant the big wide soft sole of my foot down on his face and strike a victory pose before finally sitting down on my new throne and riding that long nose… – Patricia’s Facesitting Stories (Female Boss Erotica)

Martha – I love face sitting

Helen – I love face sitting

I love face sitting! It’s one of those things that a more experienced partner asked me to do and on a whim, I went for it (since obviously he’s done this before lol) and I’ve been down for it ever since. It was a bit nerve-wracking and I did feel self-conscious about sitting on his face at first but once I felt his mouth doing all sorts of fantastic things to my lady bits, then I felt super confident and sexy and my only concern became how to keep myself upright and not waffle from the pleasure! (Female Boss Erotica)

I love face sitting – Female Boss Erotica

Facesitting on The Beach (Peter’s Facesitting Stories)

It was getting late on the beach. Nearly everyone had gone home and it was slowly getting dark. Just Kathy and Sandra and myself. We had been wrestling and after a while it was the two of them against me. I had experienced several painful scissor holds with Kathy’s sexy legs around my neck and Sandra sitting on my legs to keep me quiet. Or Sandra sitting on my neck and Kathy on my legs. Together they were too strong for me. Sandra was a petite blonde with long hair. She wore a red bikini. Kathy was a tall brunette with long sexy legs. She wore a yellow bikini, which accentuated her tanned skin. When they had been wrestling it ended usually with Kathy pinning Sandra in a variety of holds, preferably a high schoolgirlpin, with the tall brunette, who weighs some 150 lbs, sitting on the blonde’s breasts or neck. Kathy didn’t need to pin Sandra’s arms down, because her weight was sufficient to keep the blonde pinned. After a long time Kathy got up and they both turned against me and I tripped me, so I fell on my back and the straddled me. Sandra sat on my neck, squeezing my face between her strong legs and Kathy sitting heavily on my belly, leaning back against my bent legs and keeping my arms down with her feet. When I stretched my legs, Kathy fell backwards, but she sat up again and started bouncing on my stomach several times, saying “I want you to bend your legs, so you make a comfortable seat for me. If you don’t I will keep bouncing until you do!” After several butt drops I gave in and she leaned back again, making herself really comfortable, wriggling her butt into the soft part of my stomach. We were close to the waterline and the flood was coming up slowly. “Let’s keep him pinned until the water reaches his mouth” suggested Sandra. And that’s exactly what they did. Kathy remained sitting on my stomach and Sandra on my chest or neck for the hours it took the water to come up. Very slowly I felt the waves reach my legs and body and very slowly it was getting harder and harder to breathe, not because of the water, but because even though Sandra weighs only some 110 lbs, the combined weight of the two girls was taking it’s toll. When the girls were getting bored they thought of another game. Kathy started pulling my nipples and twisted them painfully. Despite, thanks to?, the pain, this was a very erotic feeling. Sandra noticed what was going on and sat reverse on my face to take part in the nipple twisting game. After a long time they both turned around so they could lean back against each other. Sandra stretched her legs alongside my head and I stretched my legs to restore the flow of blood a bit. Eventually I was almost completely in the water and I had to lift my head to avoid drowning. Sandra squeezed her strong thighs again, so I could hardly move and smiled down at me saying “we’ll see how long you can hold your breath!” Kathy also wanted to see my face, she got up, forced my arms across Sandra’s legs, my hands above my head and sat down on my hands, putting her legs around the little blonde who sat on my chest. My head was surrounded by the most sexy legs of the whole beach (even before everyone left), but I was not very much interested, because I needed all my attention to breathe. To my relief the water didn’t get much higher, so I only had to close my mouth when higher waves were coming, but after a while (that seemed like hours) I felt the waves coming less and less across my face. Eventually the girls called it a day and released me. – Peter’s Facesitting Stories (Female Boss Erotica)

Peter’s Facesitting Stories (Female Boss Erotica)


Ruth is a passionate rider, but she has no horse for the moment, so she uses her boyfriend Jason as her saddle for having the feeling of a living thing under her ass. She sits on his body and face like she would sit on a saddle. For finding the position with the best feeling, she moves around and changes the direction, digging his face deep in her ass. – Peter’s Facesitting Stories (Dominant Female Boss)


Carrie begins with a school-girl-pin facesitting, her big fleshy pussy engulfes Brian’s face like it would be eaten. Then she streches out her legs for sitting comfortable and fullweight. Brian’s tongue has to satisfy her, if he don’t want to give his life under her enormous weight. (Dominant Female Boss) foto

I’m the boss feeling

Barbara uses her boyfriend for sitting, while she’s chatting at the phone with friends. She sits down on his chest, soon she changes on his face, having a face under her ass gives her the “I’m the boss feeling”. And she is really the boss, he is at her mercy and has to take what’s coming… mostly her ass in the face. (Dominant Female Boss)